Our Air Conditioning Services

When it comes to supply, installations and servicing we can do all that for the following:

We provide services around the repair, maintenance, and installation of air conditioning systems for homes.

Our services extend to commercial buildings such as offices, retail stores, warehouses, and other non-residential structures.

IT and server rooms require specialized air conditioning systems as they generate a lot of heat due to the high-density equipment running 24/7.

Air Conditioning

We provide services to the maintenance, repair, and installation of air conditioning systems. These services help to keep homes and businesses comfortable by regulating the temperature and humidity levels. A properly functioning air conditioning system can also improve air quality and reduce energy costs. Air conditioning service providers typically offer a range of services, including routine maintenance, emergency repairs, and installation of new systems.

We house different types and brands of air-conditioning units, and our range include:

Wall mount split type units

Console & Window wall units

Ducted/ Hide Away units

Under Ceiling split type units

Cassette split type units

Packaged units


These systems are used to cool and store a wide range of products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and industrial equipment. Industrial refrigeration systems are typically larger and more complex than those used in homes or commercial settings, and require specialized knowledge and equipment to service.

Quality installations, servicing, and repairs from our team is what you can expect even in our refrigeration department. 

We provide sales, installations, and repairs for:

Cold storage solutions

Supermarket display cases

Display chillers/cold rooms

Under bar fridges

Freezer rooms

Remote refrigeration compressors

Wine cellars

Multiplex refrigeration systems

Our Working Process

1. Consultation

During the consultation, we will ask questions about the building and any issues or concerns the client may have. We will also take measurements and assess the layout of the space to determine the best possible solution.

2. Proposal

We will prepare a detailed proposal outlining the recommended solution, including the type of system, the cost, and a timeline for the project.

3. Installation

We schedule the installation of the new air conditioning system. Our team of professionals will ensure that the installation is done correctly, efficiently and safely. We work closely with the client to minimize any disruption to their business or operations.

4. Inspection

We ensure that the new system is working properly and to the client’s satisfaction. We will also provide the client with detailed instructions on how to operate and maintain the new system. Our team will be available for any follow-up support or maintenance needs.

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